To control and grow company, need to automate all business processes. We optimize any business processes based on 1C drive solution.

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Product includes 1C:Drive and 5 concurent licenses

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About solution

Automation of trading, service and manufacturing small business companies. In one program: sales, purchases, warehouse, money, salary, production, CRM and business analytics to make the right management decisions.

Keep records of several organizations in one database. Both independent and working within the same business. Even if you change the scale, structure of the business, or approaches to organizing the activities of the enterprise, you can easily continue to keep records without a lot of time and money.


Plan, quickly take into account and effectively manage the various areas of accounting in the enterprise:

Sales. Keep a record of trade operations: form customer orders, record sales of goods, incl. retail.

Stocks and warehouse. Keep a record of stocks, calculate the need for them.

Procurement and procurement. Track supplier prices and choose the best purchase conditions, place orders for suppliers, record the receipt of goods.

Service. Take into account the provision of services and contract (design) work: form orders and work orders, record completed work.

Production. Plan the load of enterprise resources, keep specifications, enter the production schedule, register orders for production, output, keep records of production operations, calculate material requirements and the actual cost of production, taking into account direct and indirect costs.

Cash. Take into account the cash flow in current accounts and cash registers, keep a payment calendar and prioritize payments. Use data exchange with Banks!

Mutual settlements. Keep calculations with contractors, employees in the context of contracts, orders, documents.

Salary and staff. Store data about employees, draw up a staffing table, register personnel documents on the acceptance, movement and dismissal of employees. Plan the load and evaluate the effectiveness of staff, keep work schedules and time records of working hours, monitor the implementation of orders and tasks by employees. Calculate management salary based on customizable indicators - both with time-based and piecework pay systems.

Property. Consider tangible and intangible property with a long period of use, calculate depreciation, conduct an inventory.

Manage customer relationships. The application allows you to maintain a customer base, a history of relationships with them, plan calls, meetings, negotiations, take into account mutual obligations.

Plan your activities. Record planned business operations and planned events: orders to suppliers, customer orders, order status, tasks for employees, resource allocation for the enterprise, work and service delivery schedules, production schedules, procurement and sales plans and much more.

Process customer orders from the online store website. You can set up data exchange with the online store, in which the list of goods is uploaded to the website, and orders placed in the online store are transferred to the accounting system. This will allow you to:
-create and maintain a single database of orders,
-regardless of the source of their receipt (both from the site, and issued in the store, and by phone or email, etc.);
-display on the site only relevant information about the goods, their availability and cost of goods.

Your business is always under control!