1C:Drive YourClients

Online booking, automation and business management in the service industry. Booking managment, warehouse, CRM, customer service in one place.

Appointment booking & Website booking Automatic employee calendar booking + Google calendar Recurring appointments Employee management Loyalty program Manage multiple shops from a single account Inventory management

Initial filling on us from 300$

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About solution

All-in-one software for services companies to manage clients and stuff.

  • Unites all the required functionality all in one place
  • Fits any client-service company, any size
  • Online-booking from Website
  • Integration with google calendar
  • All needed reports
  • Runs on MAC OS through the web

For Who?

Fits any client-service company, any size

Beauty(beauty Salon, Tattoo, Spa, Solarium, Private masters)

Medicine (Dentistry, Veterinary Medicine, Psychotherapy and psychology)

Sports (dance Schools, Trampolines, Frequent coaches)

Recreation (Bowling, Tennis, Quests, Saunas)

Household services (Photographers, Service center)

Legal services

Your business is always under control!


Fitting into the budget of small centers

Clients Suite has flexible pricing

Simplifying Service company management

Comprehensive software solution designed to take care of all your administrative needs

Fast and responsive customer service

1C-Sapa provides fast service and response to technical issues and First-start introduction